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Comprehensive management oversight in Old Saybrook, CT, of energy from solar panels.

Energy Consulting in Old Saybrook, CT

Protecting corporate assets often consumes a large amount of energy. PProtective Alliance, LLC offers energy consulting in Old Saybrook, CT, to help you save money and procure the energy you need.

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Energy Procurement Made Simple

Energy deregulation has created a maze that is extremely difficult to navigate, but it can also save you a fortune in energy costs. Take the hassle out of the energy procurement process by calling our team. We specialize in national energy procurement and comprehensive management oversight services. Our qualified procurement specialists help you choose the best supplier of electricity or natural gas for your needs. We handle all the legwork, and we have the knowledge we need to accurately analyze and negotiate your energy contracts and rates. Our services help you:

  • Choose the Right Energy Service Company
  • Implement Key Programs
  • Increase Customer Service
  • Analyze & Negotiate Based on Best Practices

The Benefits of Deregulation

Deregulation promotes competition by allowing individuals and companies to choose their energy service companies (ESCOs) from a variety of energy supply sources. This competition leads to lower natural gas and electricity rates and increases the level of customer service because energy companies are now competing for your business. Independent studies show that a significant portion of all industrial and commercial gas and electric contracts are negotiated by intermerchant services with specific knowledge of the energy procurement process. The benefits and value of energy procurement are real, and our energy consulting experts can help you implement key programs that will allow you to take advantage of these opportunities.

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