QUALITY, ETHICS AND INTEGRITY is our conerstone. Member relationships strengthen by strategically working with each other, focusing on the customer’s needs, developing and providing a high level of services.

Companies represented shall offer the highest quality goods and services to protect corporate assets nationwide, through a network of privately owned companies. All companies shall have previously demonstrated a high standard of doing business and must continue this standard to remain a member.


We understand that protecting assests is a team effort and having a common focus is extremely important. It's what allows us to be highly effective and provide our clients with assurances. We are the best team for the job, whatever the situation, whatever your protection needs.

1. Tom Riggio-Owner has over 40 years security and investigative industry experience
2. One contact for all asset protection needs
3 Quality Assurance
4. Provides 3rd party relationship oversight
5. Companies represented are privately owned. Focus is on building relationships thru Quality, Ethics and Integrity

One thing is for certain, we've managed to build a good name and maintain a high level of service for our clients and the community. Reputation is everything when it comes to security and a good reputation is built on excellence - and that is exactly what we provide.